itten by the dog to death “of the world’s most lo

The original title: the world’s most lonely duck died

“The world’s most lonely duck died.According to agence france-presse reported Wednesday, the Pacific island countri

es only a duck, niue has the title of “the world’s most lonely duck” trevor 27 bite by a dog died, attract many people to mourn.

Niue is a about 2400 kilometers northeast of New Zealand is a small island

countries.Reported that the country has no natural pond or wetland, trevor is th

ought to be from the New Zealand floats in the storm.

However, over the weekend, trevor, more dog attacked in the bushes.Niue chamber of com

merce President ray Stevens said, “trevor” impressed by the local people, it is a sad moment for niue.New Zealand house

of representatives speaker trevor also lamented death duck of named after him, “the New Zeal

and parliament express the deepest sympathy to the niue people.”Bring about

Source: global times

God entertainment sharply revised down its annual perfo

Source: the Shanghai newspaper APP, China securities network

The Shanghai newspaper news (reporter LuoMin) gods entertainment revealed 2018 annual performance forecast correctio

n notice.In the third quarter of 2018 is expected to the annual net profit attributa

ble to shareholders of listed companies change interval is 00000 yuan to 50983 yuan 50983.81.The adjusted expect

ed results for the loss of 7.3 billion yuan to 7.8 billion yuan, 101967 yuan compared with a profit of 101967

.62.Subsidiary company’s 2018 annual business performance all have varying degrees of decline, the company in acc

ordance with the relevant regulations, to the enterprise merger of goodwill impairment test, is expected to make

goodwill impairment loss about 4.9 billion yuan;Company or its subsidiaries to substandard level after the partners involv

ed in fund set up m&a, the priority partner, middle class share and priority partner, intermediate level should under

take the obligation to repurchase or difference make up the revenue.Portfolio performance is not as good

as expected, after preliminary assessment, the company or its subsidiaries of its share is expected to provi

sion for impairment loss of 820 million yuan, is expected to bear the excess loss 1.5 billion yuan.Company to joint,

joint ventures and other impairment test, taking a stake in the comp

any equity investment to equity investment is expected to provision for imp

airment loss of about 750 million yuan.Regardless of the asset impairment factors,

the company 2018 annual net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 377 million yuan,

with three quarterly reports on the company’s 2018 annual business performance is expected to conform.